A renowned passionate preacher, the founding pastor of Truth assembly international churches, Apostle Love Judah in his teaching on Tuesday 9th of January 2024 has sternly warned believers and charged them to rise up to the battle against the church of Jesus or prepare for the end.

In his very words, the holy ghost made him restless for two whole days to speak concerning the trending lies by BBC that has hit both the media and internet against prophet T.B Joshua.

Apostle Love Judah is not a man of God that easily says ” the lord said” except he truly heard from God.

• Anyone on your contact or friend on social media who is speaking against, celebrating or excited at the news pertaining to prophet T.B Joshua or any other man of God either as comments or post, unfriend, unfollow, block and cut off from them that are spreading the negativities.

This warning is to the believers and the church.

He said this news is a project organised by people who are envious about the greatness, anointing, success story and legacies of prophet Joshua whose greatness, impact, spirit, assignment and mandate can never be deleted or denied.

Apostle Love Judah said that everything said against prophet Joshua is a lie from the pit of hell, carefully fabricated and people were paid and instructed to spread the lie hence envy is the main motive of this trend.

Matthew 27:17-18, Matthew 28:12-15
Mere mortals can only see with the physical eye but it takes a spiritual person to search deeply.

he said this is the beginning of the demonic project of the anti Christ against men of God and the church especially the Pentecostal body this 2024.

They started with prophet Joshua because he is the greatest among all ministers that has walked the face of this earth in his time in the realms of power, influence, he is the only man of God that had more control over presidents than other men of God, he operated in the prophetic and miracle dimensions than any other in the body of Christ thereby representing the ministry of Jesus on the earth.

Apostle Love Judah said that there are 3 forces behind the organisation of this move and they are the Illuminati, the new world order and the body behind ecumenism.

They want to destroy the authenticity of the church, the authenticity of the word of God, the men of God and the power of God.

They have started with prophet Joshua and will move on to pastor Chris Oyakhilome who is currently the leading prophet in this generation.

He said the target is the Pentecostal church so they will not stop at pastor Chris Oyakhilome but will move down to apostle Johnson Suleiman then to Bishop David Oyedepo, they will touch every man of God that operates in power to bring them down this end time says the man of God.

He also added that if they don’t succeed in destroying this 4 things mentioned then they have failed and the agenda of the anti Christ will not prevail and the time will be extended.
More of what he said is contained in his video


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