Wonder Night is a very special gathering held in this ministry, it has caused a lot of transformation in the lives of God’s people and it’s always a night everyone longs to experience because of the great things which happens during the gathering.
Wonder Night has been a life changing event in our great ministry, where will have a lot of transforming and life changing testimonies from everyone who attends, It’s a special night event even you can’t afford to miss by any means.

It’s called Wonder Night because of the three (3) powerful areas that is dealt on which are:

This Is a moment when accurate details are presented in such intricate details that one would consider the prophet to do the work of a forensic scientist, excavating details down to trace proportions. Forensic prophecy has been used in scripture to solve very difficult problems, and in this our generation God’s Prophet Apostle Love Judah is a man of God that operate in that dimension, without this dimension of prophecy, many persons would doubt the existence of God.

On the 31st Night of December 2012, God’s Prophet gave a prophecy about the catholic church and papal office and this is what the prophecy says

“There will be a shift in the Catholic System that has never happened in the history of the Catholic Church and the Pope will resign.

On 28 February 2013 at 20:00CET the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI took effect following his announcement concerning it on 11 February.

The word of God is the second experience we always have during the wonder night. As it implies, the word during the wonder night is energetic and spirited, comprehensive with deep description of the revelation of the word of God, backed by the move of the spirit and causing a change in the life’s of God’s people.
If you seek knowledge, this is where to get it.

Miracles are very important in our lives especially when we are passing through challenges of life.
We have experienced great miracles in our Wonder Night. During our Wonder Night people come with great expectations and they are all met with signs and wonders following.
A lot testimonies has been recorded by the people who connected.

As you connect with us your testimony awaits you.