To a man whose words are few but love so deep,
To a man whose admonitions my heart contained.
To a man who with faith stands through all life’s hurdles.
To a man who showed me the first love ever,
To a man whom I will choose over and over in my life.
That’s my father and I love him too.
Fathers are like precious stones and my father is my diamond.
Happy father’s Day my world’s best.
Keep living, keep winning.






I had drawn my conclusions on the male species but it all changed when I met a man who became a father, a mentor, an encouragement, a confidant, my overseer.

The first man outside my family that saw through my foolishness and believed in me
If I forget it all, I won’t forget your love and reassuring words Dad.
Am glad I met you when I did.
Happy father’s Day to Apostle Love Judah
I won’t stop believing in you and in myself too.