Many women in the society today and the world at large are suffering and sick of infertility, which is not the promise of God for us(women). It’s abnormal for a woman to be in a man’s house or be it husband and doesn’t bear fruits (children); it’s a spiritual thing and a yoke that needs to be broken.


In the book of Genesis 30:22-23 God remembered Rachael who had no Child, and her womb was opened again, God Almighty took away her reproach, He is the same God of APOSTLE LOVE JUDAH that I believe in and serve today; he’s able to make you a mother of children even after many years of BARRENNESS if you believe. God is about to open the Heavens for your sake this season.



We the Truth Assembly International Churches, Abuja Family will be organizing an event with the team OPEN HEAVEN come and experience the Prophetic, Miracles and Deliverance. Our Great God of APOSTLE LOVE JUDAH shall open the Heavens for your sake.