Years back I used to work in a bakery (fresh bake) as a marketer. Before I came in contact with Apostle Love Judah, I was just selling bread at federal Secretariat in Owerri Nigeria.


One of the days I followed my colleague to church (Truth Assembly international Churches) and as we walked and sat down, the man of God was teaching God’s word, to be honest I wasn’t concentrating on the word, my whole attention was on the MAN OF GOD, I was thinking of how to be like him, how to teach like him, dress like him

 Immediately after service I approached him and not minding who I was at that moment, I greeted him and said PASTOR I WANT TO BE LIKE YOU.

 that was all I told him and he asked me to go think about it again and I went home. The next time I came back was for the midweek service and after service I approached him again and said PASTOR I WANT TO BE LIKE YOU, he asked me if I have decided it and I said YES. He said to me I WILL TRAIN YOU.


In the course of my training which I began to enjoy  though I was still working at the bakery, One day I came back from marketing and was rushing to meet up to church service, my boss called me and instructed me to make sure to finish my sales before coming back and looking at it, it will affect my training and pursuit to be a pastor so I decided to quit and follow Apostle Love Judah.


Over the years with my work with Apostle Love Judah, i have not for once regretted loosing my job and knowing him. Apostle Love Judah has changed me, I was looking so unkempt, unqualified, but he gave me a great opportunity which I took advantage of and today I am somebody not just physically but also spiritually.


Apostle Love Judah is man of God that believes so much in discipleship. During the training, Apostle Love Judah really spent and invested his time, knowledge, wisdom on me and the rest of the pastor on training, it was a family and I am really glad I came in contact with him.


So much happened over the years, my family turned against me and never supported what I was doing so they abandoned me but I was excited that Apostle Love Judah didn’t abandoned me, he became a father to me and still is till date. Many of my friends, family tried to talk me out but I never gave them attention 


Today I am far better than everyone who left me, many of them who insulted me I am better because I am more handsome, physically fit, spiritually focused, mentally wise and financially stable. Thank God I met Apostle Love Judah


Grace Godwin


May 8, 2023