In Truth Assembly International Churches, we have been taught that Jesus just didn’t die to save us from our sins but also died to save us from poverty, hence our father Apostle Love Judah made this statement “IF YOU ARE STILL POOR, YOUR SALVATION IS NOT YET COMPLETE.”

The church cannot be identified with poverty because riches have everything to do with spirituality. “THE MORE SPIRITUAL YOU ARE THE RICHER YOU BECOME…”APLJ.
Prayers cannot make you rich. It is the blessings of God that empowers us to become rich, making us to discover our gifts, skills and the knowledge we need to become rich.
This is why we chose this program “THE END-TIME ENTREPRENEURS”.

Presently, most of the great entrepreneurs in the world are not from the church.
In this program, according to God’s word in MICAH 4:1, and in line with our Fathers prophecy, the time has come for the church to take back its God-given position in controlling the economy of this world.
Every participant will be empowered with both Divine financial principles and the requisite skills needed to rule the financial world with just a registration fee of 3,000 naira. This program is indeed an investment to kickstart your desired financial future.
Don’t miss it.
Blessings 🙇🏼‍♀️

  • Snr Pastor Akunna.
    Truth Assembly International Churches, Owerri Imo State







“Salary is Slavery” – You can’t be rich or wealthy by Salary, you can’t be richer or wealthier than who is paying you. To set up skills acquisition programs which will act as models to ensure participate and help them to be self- reliant in the areas of Poultry farming, Graphics design with mobile phone, Bead making, Baking, Hair making, Leadership Training Skills, variety of business ideas and practice, Digital marketing skills.

This Wealth Creation Workshop helps you discover your purpose and maximize your potential to meet the demands of today’s dynamic world. Taught by The Endtime Entrepreneurs. This year experiential learning journey is highly flexible, customizable, and actionable. Emerge with the fundamental business skills and innovation mindset needed to successfully navigate and implement real change.

Remember Prosperity is one of the wishes of God for us – “3 John 2 (KJV) Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth”. Transform knowledge into impact and drive innovation and change in your mindset with The Endtime Entrepreneurs, our Wealth Creation Workshop. Gain the tools to accelerate personal and professional change. Make sure you grab your tickets now for this Workshop.

  • Minister Truth.
    Truth Assembly International Churches, Owerri Imo State




For salary earners, once you are under someone automatically you are a slave to that person. Because your time is controlled by who pays you.
One can not create wealth by being a salary earner, you have to invest in parallel streams of income, by learning different skills.

The end time entrepreneur is a work shop that helps you learn skills like (Poultry farming, graphics design (with your phone), digital marketing, hair making, beads making, baking) etc.
And 5 people will be picked for conciliation prices, and the best out of the 5, 1 business will be registered (CAC) and packaged.

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  • Minister Miracle.
    Truth Assembly International Churches, Owerri Imo State




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