Hello I’m Pastor Grace Godwin, we are in season of our International convention and it’s always a exciting to share my encounters and testimonies with GOD’S TEACHING PRIEST PROPHET APOSTLE LOVE JUDAH.



MY PROPHET: Apostle Love Judah is a man with the spirit of Love and loyalty. I can’t forget the very first day I met him and till now I have never regretted knowing him because he has been and still my teacher, prophet, mentor, father etc, I AM GLAD I MET HIM.


FINANCIAL PROPHECY: Years ago my prophet gave me a prophecy about my finances and from that moment my financial life has changed because I believe in the PROPHETIC WORDS.


24 HOURS PROPHECY: During our online international meeting with my Prophet he said there’s going to be a 24 hours financial breakthrough immediately I sowed my seed as my custom as always be lo and behold in less than 24 hours I receive a huge financial breakthrough.



PROPHECY ABOUT A CAR: My first car I drove was as a result of my PROPHET PROPHECY because during our online international Pastors and Partners meeting my PROPHET gave an open prophecy about a car and he said it is release and Immediately I connected with my seed and behold in less than a month I bought my first car.



FATHER’S DAY MIRACLE: Before the father’s day on June 18th 2023 I had a serious issue with my father which resulted us not talking to each other for a long time. During our international Pastors meeting my PROPHET teaches us the need and importance of fathers in our life, I was really touched by that teaching and he ended by instructing us to send a gift to our fathers and call or text to appreciate them for being a father they have always been, so I obeyed and carried away out the instructions for exactly by sending my gift to my father and I texted him Less than 5 minutes of the text message my father called me and from that moment we have been in good terms. I AM GLAD I CAME IN CONTACT WITH MY PROPHET APOSTLE LOVE JUDAH.


THE CHURCH: Truth Assembly International Churches has really transform me from being a bread seller to a Pastor in this our great ministry. When I came in to our church the very first day I met a wonderful family and  now I am part of the family.

I will encourage you all to locate TRUTH ASSEMBLY INTERNATIONAL CHURCHES and be part of us because we are one big family where ever we see ourselves we recognize each other.

This year upcoming convention promise to be impactive and I can’t wait witness the GLORY OF GOD.