Apostle Love Judah, the founder of Truth Assembly International Churches spoke to his members about “The secret To His Success.”

He said that one of his secrets is Prayer, and he instructed his members to pray specifically to break a lot of financial struggles in their life. In the video, the Cleric said if there’s a time they need to pray, this is the time. Because success must be achieved. The Man of God went further to say that the closer we get to the coming of Christ the more battles will rage against the church and every believer must Stand up to the challenge in this times and Pray

He said the greatest attack in the life of people is the attack on their finances because a lot of people have lost their faith in God and he went further to encourage his members to pray and not to loose their integrity.


During this ministration Apostle Love Judah said ”you are a reflection of the God you serve” and we shouldn’t be a failure because God is not a failure.